Google Drive: Master Google Drive from Beginner to Expert

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Publisher : Chaitra Deshpande
Price : $19
Course Language : English


If you have the intention of learning Google Drive to meet the following requirements then you are at the right place.

  1. Do you want to master Google Drive and Explore its latest 2020 Features and its all Integrated Applications then this course is for you.

  2. By the end of this course you will gain complete proficiency over Google Drive and its applications even if you are currently a complete beginner.

  3. Here in this course you will not only learn and master Google Drive but also you will learn cool quick tips and tricks to increase your productivity at work.

  4. Learn Google Drive by doing.

  5. Note : Google Suit is not covered here.

Overview of Topics Covered :

We go step by step from creating a Google account to learning different applications that are integrated within Google Drive by following some tips and tricks. We will also create a professional demo website with the help of Google Sites.

  1. Create Google Account

  2. Setup/Download Google Drive for Desktop

  3. Understanding interface of Google Drive

  4. Explore and understand the main features related to Backup and Sync

  5. Google Drive : Introduction, interface, tips/tricks, file sharing, backup and sync and much more!

  6. Google Docs : Interface, Document Setup, tips/tricks and much more !

  7. Google Slide : Interface, menus, tips/tricks, presentation, layout, and much more!

  8. Google Sheets : Document set up, tips/tricks and much more!

  9. Google Forms : Building different types of forms, sharing and much more!

  10. Google Drawings

  11. Google My Maps vs Google Maps

  12. Google Calendar

  13. Google Keep

  14. Google Tasks

  15. Google Jam Board

  16. Google Sites : How to create a professional website and publish to web.

  17. Google Classroom

  18. Connecting apps to Google Drive

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for Beginners, Students, Teachers, Professionals wanting to learn/master Google Drive.
  • For Experts to use some tips and tricks followed in this course to increase productivity of their work.
  • If you want create your own professional website using Google Sites for free.
  • If you want to explore above mentioned Integrated Applications of Google Drive.

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