How to Build Free & Effective Landing Pages Step-By-Step

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Publisher : Yaswanth Nukasani
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Have you noticed that most personal brands, online businesses are now using landing pages? Do you know why? Why not just use your website, right?

You see the thing about websites are there is so many options for your visitors that there is no direct path or one thing you want them to actually do when they are on your site. So they end up just looking and leaving without doing anything which does not add value to your business.

When you use a landing page what happens is, you eliminate all the distractions. You build a seperate page with only one intention in mind, do you want to sell a product? do you want to capture an email address? do you want to get them to sign up for a webinar?

You could do this with ClickFunnels but this is a free alternative.

Great! You can build a landing page for it. By the way, it is also free. You don't need to pay for it unless you want premium features.

In this course, I break down for you exactly why and how to use landing pages, and actually how to build them all by yourself quickly.

No Coding Experience Required.

  1. What are Landing Pages?

  2. How To Use Landing Pages & Ideal Uses

  3. Detailed Overview

  4. Landing Pages vs. Websites

  5. Why You Need A Landing Page

  6. What to Write on Your Landing Page

  7. Integrate Google Retargeting

  8. Integrate Google Analytics

  9. Integrate Facebook Pixel

  10. Using Search Engine Optimization Tools

  11. Adding Meta Image & Description

  12. How to Use Custom Domains

  13. Color Theory

  14. Using eBook Landing Pages

  15. Using eCourse Landing Pages

  16. Using Invite Landing Pages

  17. Using Pre-Launch Landing Pages

  18. Using Coming Soon Landing Pages

  19. Using Lead Generation Landing Pages

  20. Product Landing Pages

  21. Webinar Landing Pages

  22. Thank You

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