NginX Load Balancer and Web Server

Basic Info
Publisher : Hussein Nasser
Course Language : English

NginX is an open-source web server written in C and can also be used as a reverse proxy and a load balancer.
In this course, I want to go through the following topics in NginX
  • What is NginX?
  • NginX Use Cases
  • Layer 4 and Layer 7 Proxying in Nginx
  • Example
    • Install Nginx (mac) 
    • Nginx as a Web Server 
      • Static content
      • Regular expression in NginX
      • proxy_pass
    • Nginx as a Layer 7 Proxy
      • Proxy to 4 backend NodeJS services (docker)
      • IP_Hash load balancing
      • Split load to multiple backends (app1/app2)
      • Block certain requests (/admin)
    • NGINX as a Layer 4 Proxy
    • Create DNS record
    • Enable HTTPS on Nginx (lets encrypt)
    • Enable TLS 1.3 on NginX
    • Enable HTTP/2 on NginX

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